Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Week one Noah Bradley's art camp: Master studies

Week one of Noah Bradley's art camp

Week one:
  • 50 3-value compositional master studies
  • 50 colour studies
  • 3 full-colour finished master studies

Now before I get started on this latest blog entry I'll admit I am not happy with the amount of work that I was able to produce the first week, due to work commitments etc. (12 hour night-shifts, in case anyone was wondering) and my organisation of efforts. I thought id be able to just focus on one part of the assignment and knock them out one at a time then move onto the next part of the assignment as I would on any project I've done in the past. Man was I wrong, so now I know if I'm going to ever complete or get near to complete Noahs's weekly assignment's I'm going to have to mix it up a bit and do part of one then part of another and rinse and repeat over and over until the work is done.

Example is to do 10 3 value comps then 10 colour studies then start a master study.


Now this was my first time doing three value composition or dealing with composition in general.

Again I struggled using only shape and not using line to set up the image first but wasn't a bad exercise and can see using just shape in doing environment studies etc.

I feel I've learn't quite a bit but still only just getting started on comp's. Now simplifying everything down to just three values and making things read it's a great exercise not participially fun but it's an eye opener. I learn't that I am hopeless at environmental comp's so need to start doing some environmental project studies.

Now I suggest giving it a go it's surprising what you'll learn so go find some master paintings and simplify the comp to just three or four values spending no long than 15 minutes on each one and breaking it down using just shapes no line.

Also be check out


Now for the Colour studies again these are awful but the colour's are as close to the master painting that I could get right now, but I learnt a load while doing these studies a whole lot more than I did doing the 3 value comps and I've already noticed while working on the second weeks assignments I'm looking at colour and thinking of it in a different manner and starting to see colours for what they are and not what the appear to be.

Now I was able to complete all the colour studies but again couldn't recommend doing this enough.

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